Group Therapy

Life after Divorce

Divorce is a great loss, therefore, has a great emotional impact: grief, depression, reduced self-esteem, rejection, fear...
Increased support can greatly aid in rebuilding yourself and your life. The pain of divorce can offer an opportunity for immense personal growth.

This group is designed to provide additional support to men and women during or following divorce. Group Therapy offers the opportunity to:
  • Realize you are not alone
  • Decrease isolation
  • Receive support from others that have experienced similar issues
  • Benefit from both active participation and observation
  • Help others in group as well as receive help
  • Learn from others…discover new ways of coping or thinking about your problems
Group will meet every 2-3 weeks on evenings and/or weekends. Final schedule will be determined by the needs of interested group members. Please call or e-mail today for more information or to sign up for the group.